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Room stewards on cruises work hard to keep your cabin neat and clean, but they don't have the time to deep clean and completely disinfect every cabin every day. If you're a self-proclaimed germophobe -- or worry about catching norovirus or other illnesses onboard -- you might enjoy your cruise a bit more if you take a few minutes at the start of your sailing to ensure your cabin meets your own cleanliness standards.

January is the month when everyone plots out the travel adventures that give them something to look forward to throughout the year.

If those exploits include possible trips abroad, and if your passport is no longer valid or expiring soon, you should go ahead and start the passport renewal process during the slower winter months.

The routine processing time for passports is from six to eight weeks, expedited processing is two to three weeks, and if you go to a passport agency, you can get a new passport in eight days or less. While the State Department didn’t say exactly how much faster passports are churned out during the slower winter months, we’re all for getting ahead of things.

Passport renewals costs $110.00 and are good for 10 years.

Celebrating 10 years of BFF get-togethers in paradise! This year’s BFF Girls Getaway will be better than ever, with brand new sponsors and activities for you and your BFF to enjoy quality time together. 

When you cruise with Norwegian, the awe of Alaska stays with you throughout your cruise. 

From hiking up snow-capped mountains and witnessing majestic whales splash in the Pacific to coming back on board and catching an amazing show followed by an equally amazing starlit stroll on the top deck. 

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