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Signs You Should Not Buy a Cruise Beverage Package

Wondering if you should purchase the drink package for your upcoming cruise?  Check out these eleven signs to help you decide!

  1. Two cocktails have you under the table. In other words, you're not a big drinker.
  2. You've got expensive taste. Cruise line beverage packages come with a catch: Drinks must be valued at a certain amount, usually about $9 to $15 each.
  3. Your ship already includes some alcoholic beverages in its fares. Sail on luxury lines such as Viking Ocean Cruises or Azamara, and chances are, you won't feel the need to get a beverage package.
  4. Your cruise line allows you to bring some beverages onboard at embarkation.  Most cruise lines let you bring at least one to two (sometimes more) bottles of wine onboard with you at embarkation.  Others allow a certain amount of soft drinks, like water, soda and juice.
  5. You spend a lot of time off the ship.  If you're on a port-intensive itinerary with limited sea days, it's important to consider how much time you'll spend off the ship. 
  6. Your cabin mate is a teetotaler. Or at least is not a big drinker. Some cruise lines impose the stipulation that if one adult in a cabin purchases a beverage package, all other occupants 21 and over must purchase one as well.
  7. You're part of a cruise line's loyalty program.  Staying loyal to one cruise line comes with many benefits -- among them is free drinks, often in the form of cocktail parties and vouchers.
  8. Gin and slimline tonic is your go-to.  Be aware of alcoholic beverage packages that don't include non-fountain sodas. We've heard stories of passengers trying to order a gin and tonic with slimline (diet) tonic, only to be told they'd have to pay full price because the cocktails covered in their beverage package cover only fountain soda.
  9. You like to gamble … a lot.  Casinos work a little differently at sea than they do on land; on a cruise, you don't get free drinks just by playing the tables or slots.
  10. Smuggling booze onboard doesn't scare you.  We can think of several reasons why you shouldn't sneak alcohol on a cruise, but the truth is: There will always be those who rebel. 
  11. You're staying in a suite.  Booked in a suite? Find out what perks are included before you buy a beverage package. There's no need to spend more money if your suite comes with a stocked mini-bar, invitations to exclusive cocktail parties or access to a special, suite-only lounge or bar where the booze flows freely.  Some cruise lines up the ante by including free all-inclusive beverage packages with suite bookings.
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