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How is a Cruise Ship Cleaned after it's been exposed to Coronavirus?

For those of you who may wondering, this is how a cruise ship is cleaned after being exposed to the Coronavirus in this excerpt from USA Today.

The process includes:

  • Removal of all linens, bedding and other material goods
  • Disinfection of the entire vessel, including "high-touch surfaces"
  • Disinfection of carpet and hard surface cleaning
  • Disinfection and cleaning of HVAC systems throughout the ship

Soft materials (linens, towels, etc.) are discarded and replaced. After the disinfection process the refurbishment projects includes the replacement of all mattresses, linens, games, toys.

High-touch surfaces including doorknobs, lobby doors, handrails and corridors are wiped down. Then, "low-contact non-porous surfaces" are cleaned using an electrostatic sprayer or an aerosolized mister for broader application, which is used on flooring, walls,furniture and metal, among other surfaces. The carpets and HVAC systems and any associated mechanical systems and ductwork are also cleaned.

It takes approximately 30-45 days the thoroughly clean a ship, after which it has to certified as to its cleanliness and safety.

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